Electric Motor Services

Electric Motor Services

A-1 Electric Motor Sales and Service, Inc. has added dynamic balancing equipment to serve our customers better.
It is an excellent repair tool for electric motors.

About Electric Motors

About Electric Motors

Whether your application is for HVAC, a tool shop such as a power lathe, milling machine, band saw, wide belt sander, or an industrial application such as pump, lift, conveyor, farming irrigation equipment or most any other application, it is critical to choose the right electric motor for the job.

Electric Motor Repair Service

Electric Motor Repair Service

Electric Motor Repair often involves providing mechanical and electric repair services to a broad range of industrial and commercial businesses. These include the printing, pulp and paper, power, and manufacturing industries in general. Our electric motor repair division provides in-house as well as on-site troubleshooting for electric motors, rewinding of A/C-D/C motors and armatures up to 300 HP and provides machine shop and mechanical services both in the field and in the shop.

Electric Motor Rewind Service

Rewinding an electric motor is one of the last steps to take when repairing a motor. You can't usually tell if a motor needs rewinding by looking at it.
Motors need to be rewound for two reasons:

  • 1. Excess heat has damaged the insulation. This happens so that the electricity passes from winding to winding without interference.

  • 2. The winding has been cut in a place that is not near the end of the coil.

It takes special equipment and meticulous attention to detail to determine if a motor needs to be rewound.

A-1 Electric Motor Service Inc.

Other Services

A-1 Electric has the expertise to handle all requirements related to electric motors. We are known for offering services for HVAC systems. Additionally, we perform an excellent job at servicing and repairing a range of other systems as well.

  • AC/DC electric motor repair

  • Pump repair

  • Winding redesigns

  • Machining services

  • Welding

  • Balancing

We partner with top-brands such as AO Smith, Bando, Gould Pump and more.

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